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April 28







Comfort in Captivity

When Nebuchadnezzar takes the Israelites into exile in Babylon, Jeremiah writes to the exiles, assuring them of God’s continuing care for them. Through Jeremiah, God promises a new covenant where his people will live eternally through Jesus. This week, discuss “How does God comfort us?


May 5






A Trap and a Release

This week, we will be discussing the account of Daniel in “A Trap and Release”. Daniel’s promotion to a high leadership role in Babylon causes political jealousy among other leaders. King Darius decrees that everyone must worship only him, but Daniel remains faithful to the one true God, praying three times daily. The king condemns Daniel to the lions’ den, but God’s angels shut the lions’ mouths so Daniel remains unharmed. This week, discuss how God protects His people from danger.


May 12  (last day of Sunday School)



Homecoming Hopes

King Artaxerxes sends Ezra as a priest and scribe to teach and lead the people at the newly repaired temple in Jerusalem. Nehemiah convinces the king to send him to Jerusalem to repair the city wall. Despite opposition from Israel’s neighbors, repairs were completed in record time. Nehemiah, Ezra, and the priests lead the people in a joyous rededication of the wall. As a family, discuss “What homecoming can we look forward to as God’s children?”


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