Christian Service Groups, commonly called Funeral Committees, are a group of congregational members that are to be “responsible” for meals at church functions and funerals.  Trinity has two lists, Funeral and Potluck, which run concurrently but in order so that no one committee has more functions than the next.  Click on the links below to see what has been and which group is next.  

The Altar Committee is also listed for 2020.  The altar parament colors have been listed to let you know there is a color change for your month.


Our Christian Service Groups at this time (Oct 22, 2021) is being updated and will be posted as soon as it is completed.  Everyone will be notified.

Our Services


Responsible for setting up before the funeral, cleaning up after.  Also provide home made cakes for desert.

Pot Luck

Responsible for setting out food and cleanup after a potluck dinner.


Committe is responsible for changing the paraments for the proper color of the season and to keep flowers fresh on the altar.

Altar Sign-up for 2022

Signup early to get the months that fits your schedule

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