The Church Calendar

can and will be updated as changes come in.  If you see something that needs to be added or changed, please contact the church office and it can be changed on-line.  Thank you!

Regular Church Office Hours

Monday through Thursday—8:00 am till Noon

The birthdates and anniversary dates come from official church records.  If you notice an error, please contact the church office so the records can be corrected.



Elder of the Month - Kevin Wilkening

Altar Committee - Elizabeth McTighe

Camera - Connor VanBriesen

Computer - Duane Kleven

Ushers - Tronn Tosel, Dan Tosel, Norman & Marlys Schwarz

21 Tue

            7:30am Men’s Bible Study

            9:00am Ladies Bible Study

            Happy Birthday—Sandy Lehne

22 Wed

            3:30pm Confirmation Instruction

                           No Choir practice

            Happy Birthday—Cayden Hager

23 Thu

            1:00pm Trinity Quilters

24 Fri

            Happy Birthday—Ray Busse

25 Sat

            Happy Birthday—Kaliee Torgeson

26 Sun

            9:00am  Worship Service

            Acolyte: Elena Comes

            10:00am Sunday School

            10:00am Coffee by Carol N. & Yvonne M.

            10:00am ANNUAL MEETING

            8:00am Benefit Brunch for Food for our Learning Youth (FLY) at the                     Appleton VFW till 1pm.

27 Mon

            Happy Birthday—Dean McTighe

28 Tue

            7:30am Men’s Bible Study

            9:00am Ladies Bible Study

            Happy Birthday—Randy Ascheman

29 Wed

            3:30pm Confirmation Instruction       

            6:30pm Choir practice

            Happy Birthday—Arlene Eckberg, Evelyn Ehrenberg

30 Thu

            1:00pm Trinity Quilters

31 Fri

            10:15 Ministry to the Elderly at the Appleton Nursing Home                               (Ramsbacher)




Elder of the Month - 

Altar Committee - Darcy Kleven

Camera - Arlen Runia

Computer - Pat Runia

Ushers - Peter & Amie Behlen, Orlen Avelsgaard

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